The Tashlikh is a customary Jewish atonement ritual performed at a natural body of flowing water on the Jewish New Year. During Tashlikh, the worshipers symbolically throw their sins into the water.

The Days of Awe of the Jewish year 5781 are coinciding with trying times. This year, our interconnectivity as social beings is being challenged while we are also experiencing collective efforts of personal and social redemption, efforts to create just societies. There is no better time to reflect on and to rid ourselves of our individual and shared sins than the days leading to Yom Kippur, in preparation and expectation for a better year to come.

In Tashlikh Atlas, visitors are encouraged to reflect on the things they wish to let go of for the new year, both personally and socially. The website will determine visitors’ geographic location and invite them to cast off a short text to a nearby body of water. Visitors can explore bodies of water around the world to see all contributions. The accumulated content will be viewable online through the end of Sukkot and will then be washed away.

With Shabtai Pinchevsky